Generation 2: Chapter 5

As I did hold her I realised it was worth the pain. Seeing her little toes and fingers made me fall in love with her in an instant.

10-22-14_10-54 AMWe named the little bundle of joy, Dayanara, what would Valentin now really think of having a little child. Was he ready?

10-22-14_11-10 AMMom atleast was more than ready to welcome my girl, she came walking into the room with her ‘I was right smile’ on her face. Was that a mother thing to know such stuff?

10-22-14_10-55 AM-3Valentin was in a joy, he could wait to have a party to celebrate him beign a dad.

10-22-14_11-09 AMA classy black and white party to be exact, telling everybody that he was so proud of his little baby, even though some of the guest seamed they did not believe him.

10-22-14_11-27 AM-3He even stopped the party in the middle just so he could go upstairs and take care of Dayanara, I later told him we did not have to stop everything to be there for her, but he would not listen.

10-22-14_11-01 AM-2Mom completed her aspiration with catching this little fish. By the look on her face even a stranger could tell she had enough of fishing for now. Not that she did not like fishing, she just had other things she wanted to do to.

10-22-14_11-30 AMLike completing her author career, which she also just did. After that she started programming a bit, made her feel like she was near dad again.

10-22-14_11-33 AMNeil gave up yet another career, he wanted to follow in dads footsteps and become a astronaut, but soon realised this was not him at all.

10-22-14_12-36 PMInstead he would play some music with Carter, it sounded wonderful, they had written their own song together and practiced it each day.

10-22-14_11-50 AM-2Keisha encouraged Carter about his drawings, he was really a talented young boy. I could not wait till it was my time to see what my child would be wanting to do.

10-22-14_12-56 PM-2I did not have to wait long, it was Dayanara birthday soon enough. She grew up to look a lot like me, but you could also see her father in her. She was very outgoing and social.

Was parenthood complicated? Keisha and Marcel handle it so well with Carter, where we able to do the same?


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