Generation 2: Chapter 6

The two children in the house could have been siblings, they where always togehter, nearly thinking the same thing, they even looked alike.

10-25-14_11-05 AMBut they where not alike at all when it came to school, Carter really enjoyed it where Dayanara found it boring, she rather wanted to play with her friends.

10-25-14_11-54 AMAnd soon Carter had completed his first childhood aspiration and now also seeked to be a social butterfly, so the two kids sat down togehter to help each other with their various goals.

10-25-14_3-41 PM-2They soon came to the conclusion that they where the best friends in the world, ohh how i can remember the day i asked Valentin that question.

10-25-14_1-47 PMWhile the children worked on their goals we worked on ours, namely to get moms memo items done, and to complete the party for her.

10-23-14_10-30 AM-4Mom was so happy, for us, for the state of our legacy, and specially for Dayanara, they where often up all night and chatted about what was going to happen in the future.

10-25-14_11-58 AMMarcel was upgrading all our stuff around the house, I was so happy that we did not have everything breaking around here anymore.

10-23-14_10-19 AMNeil and Sydney where hitting it off pretty good to, but when i asked him if he would move in with her, he denied it very fast, his home would be here for all the time.

10-25-14_11-19 AMValetin showed another side of himself, he was quietly sitting outside and reading poesi, I did not know he was like that at all,I am so in love.

10-25-14_4-22 PMMom was meeting alot with dads ghost lately, I was very worried for her, it could not be good to be with a ghost.

10-25-14_4-35 PM-4And it was not good at all, one night mom fell to the ground shortly after she woke up, we where all sleeping upstairs, so nobody heard it, the next morning she was simply gone.

10-25-14_4-49 PM-3In the morning light I saw dads ghost return to the underworld, he had been there for mom all night, making sure she would pass to the underworld fine. May they both rest in peace.

What should I do without mom now? Our founder had left us I alone was in charge for this legacy to succeed.


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