Generation 2: Chapter 8

I could feel the joy again, this bundle of new life had saved me from breaking down.

10-27-14_8-44 PMAnd I knew from Dayanara that they where only small in such a short time, so i made sure to spend a lot of time with my little baby boy.

10-27-14_9-57 PMAnd then it was time for my wedding day, Valentin made a suprise wedding and a custome made brush ring, it was wonderfull, one of a kind.

10-28-14_7-47 PM-2Neil spend alot of time with Dayanara and Carter, reading to them.

10-27-14_10-02 PMPlaying chess with them.

10-29-14_8-21 PMEven teaching them that there are cheaters out in the world.

10-27-14_9-42 PMSoon Breandan grew up, he was the perfect little mix of me and Valentin. He is a little geek though, and also a whiz kid. A perfect match.

10-26-14_6-28 PMValentin did throw a birthday for Marcels adult birthday at the club.

10-26-14_6-53 PM-2And a birthday party for Carter to start his teen years at the museum.

10-26-14_6-54 PMCarter aged in to a very beautifull teenager, dreaming about raising his own kids, i tried to tell him that was a bit to soon.

10-27-14_10-17 PMValentin had his own birthday party at a night club, he invited only the boys, even though Sydney decided to just show up.

10-30-14_4-34 PMNot long after it was Keisha and Neils birthdays too. Valentin threw a party for Keisha.

10-30-14_5-02 PMWhere Neil asked if he could just celebrate it with the family. All had now grown into full grown adults, only I was still a young adult.

10-30-14_7-37 PM
Dayanara also turned into a teen and as she said did eat her last piece of cake, she had to look good on her search of a soulmate.

What a hectic time, all those parties, would we face a more quiet future?


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