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Generation 2: Chapter 9

With all the birthdays done we could go back and focus on the family goals.

10-28-14_9-20 PM-3Mom showed up nearly each night to watch over us in our sleeps.
You could hear her whisper the same words over and over again.
“Stay focused, you can do it.”

11-04-14_7-07 PM-2And so we did, little Brendan was breezing through his childhood goals, and already reading books all by himself. They really grow up so fast.

10-27-14_9-00 PMI mastered my painting aspiration, I still do adore to paint, but a new goal would be good for a change.

10-27-14_8-49 PMKeisha also felt it was time for a change, and look at her body, being a bodybuilder would look so great on her, I might be a little jealous on that.

10-29-14_8-13 PMWe completed a collection more, one of each emotional painting.

11-03-14_9-47 PM-2I tried to tell Dayanara of the responsibilities she would have to face when she would become a adult, and thereby we started with her school work. She did not seam to care to much about it though, like something else was on her mind.

11-04-14_5-26 PMNeil worked hard on his skills, he often told that it was a hard task to become a renaissance sim.

11-04-14_5-59 PMAt night he would discuss that fact with dad, I could often hear them talk until the sun woke up in the morning.

11-03-14_10-06 PMDayanaras mind was really not on the dynasty, but more on to find the right boys. Tyler was a sweetheart, but she said there was no spark.

11-04-14_5-41 PM-2Ryce liked to flirt, but did not seam to be ready to go steady. The search could be a long one for my little girl.

10-29-14_8-23 PMCarter was a music genius. He was flying through the skills of the Violin, it was a blessing to hear him play.

11-04-14_4-55 PMValentin was a flirt. We tried to spend as much time together as possible between his many parties.

10-29-14_7-47 PM-2I was trying to rekindle some old friendships. Mortimer Goth was also a young adult now. It was so strange to see that the time had just flown past us.

11-04-14_6-21 PM-7I also took the time to befriend our great neighbours. It was so nice to get out of the house sometimes.

10-30-14_6-15 PM-2Valentin was great cook too, even though i was so scared when he was doing his knife tricks.

10-30-14_4-27 PMValentin also made a great deal out of entertaining at his own parties, he was a great comedian.

11-04-14_6-58 PMA new law had been made and we where finally allowed to build a pool in our back yard. Something we had been looking forward to for a long time.

11-04-14_7-37 PMBrendan rushed out and tried out the water. He loved to swim and spent hours in the water.

11-04-14_7-45 PMSuddenly he felt weak, and couldnt hold himself up any longer.

11-04-14_7-46 PM-3I did run, as fast as I could. But I was to late, grim was already there to collect Brendans soul

My babyboy was dead, how should I ever get over this?


Generation 2: Chapter 8

I could feel the joy again, this bundle of new life had saved me from breaking down.

10-27-14_8-44 PMAnd I knew from Dayanara that they where only small in such a short time, so i made sure to spend a lot of time with my little baby boy.

10-27-14_9-57 PMAnd then it was time for my wedding day, Valentin made a suprise wedding and a custome made brush ring, it was wonderfull, one of a kind.

10-28-14_7-47 PM-2Neil spend alot of time with Dayanara and Carter, reading to them.

10-27-14_10-02 PMPlaying chess with them.

10-29-14_8-21 PMEven teaching them that there are cheaters out in the world.

10-27-14_9-42 PMSoon Breandan grew up, he was the perfect little mix of me and Valentin. He is a little geek though, and also a whiz kid. A perfect match.

10-26-14_6-28 PMValentin did throw a birthday for Marcels adult birthday at the club.

10-26-14_6-53 PM-2And a birthday party for Carter to start his teen years at the museum.

10-26-14_6-54 PMCarter aged in to a very beautifull teenager, dreaming about raising his own kids, i tried to tell him that was a bit to soon.

10-27-14_10-17 PMValentin had his own birthday party at a night club, he invited only the boys, even though Sydney decided to just show up.

10-30-14_4-34 PMNot long after it was Keisha and Neils birthdays too. Valentin threw a party for Keisha.

10-30-14_5-02 PMWhere Neil asked if he could just celebrate it with the family. All had now grown into full grown adults, only I was still a young adult.

10-30-14_7-37 PM
Dayanara also turned into a teen and as she said did eat her last piece of cake, she had to look good on her search of a soulmate.

What a hectic time, all those parties, would we face a more quiet future?

Generation 2: Chapter 7

The house was filled with an sudden emptyness, even though we where still seven.

10-25-14_4-53 PM-2I spent alot of time thinking at mom and dads grave. I felt so alone, how should i ever handle the legacy without her. Just that morning i also discovered i was pregnant again, she would never see the child.

10-25-14_6-55 PMValentin was still in his party mood again, this time making a goodbye party for mom.

10-25-14_7-59 PMI do not know if it was the homones or the loss, but we ended in a fight, we went outside so Dayanara could not hear us. I had enough of his partying around all the time, he had to take this serious. Instead he just went away, now i was even more alone.

10-25-14_9-57 PM-3Dayanara was a smart girl though, so she discovered something was wrong.
“Does daddy not love me anymore mommy?”
I had to reinsure her, Valentin just needed to cool off.

10-25-14_10-17 PMIt was only when I was alone in the bathroom that I did cry, nobody else did see my misery.

10-25-14_10-40 PM-2The worst was when I could hear others enjoying their time togehter. Marcel and Keisha where madly in love with each other, I was more than jelaous.

10-25-14_11-06 PM-2Marcel also soon after proudly presented his full collection of My Sims figurines, and thereby he completed his first aspiration, ready to begin the next.

10-26-14_12-05 AMAt the same point Keisha also completed hers, the lovely couple where on a roll. I simply needed air could not stand to look at it anymore.

10-25-14_11-16 PMOutside I was hit by surprise, Valentin had been standing there for hours not daring to knock on the door. He fell on his knees and drew out a ring. He was so sorry, he just wanted to complete his aspiration for us, but he promised he would be more there for me.

10-25-14_11-16 PM-2How could I say no to that. We kissed and made up, I was so happy he was back.

10-25-14_10-54 PM-4Happiness also spread in the family. Dayanara and Carter kept inviting these 5 young children over, said that they where a gang of friends, I could not stop smiling.

10-26-14_12-17 AM-2Pain i tell you, pain, why should it hurt so much to give birth? Seriously, it really does hurt, this was going to be our last child, I did not think I could handle this one more time.

10-26-14_12-19 AMBut again, when you stand with the baby in your arms the pain is worth it all. Little Brendan was a healthy little boy, and more than welcome in the family.

Would we be able to keep the family togehter now without fights? Should we try for another baby in hopes for another girl?

Generation 2: Chapter 6

The two children in the house could have been siblings, they where always togehter, nearly thinking the same thing, they even looked alike.

10-25-14_11-05 AMBut they where not alike at all when it came to school, Carter really enjoyed it where Dayanara found it boring, she rather wanted to play with her friends.

10-25-14_11-54 AMAnd soon Carter had completed his first childhood aspiration and now also seeked to be a social butterfly, so the two kids sat down togehter to help each other with their various goals.

10-25-14_3-41 PM-2They soon came to the conclusion that they where the best friends in the world, ohh how i can remember the day i asked Valentin that question.

10-25-14_1-47 PMWhile the children worked on their goals we worked on ours, namely to get moms memo items done, and to complete the party for her.

10-23-14_10-30 AM-4Mom was so happy, for us, for the state of our legacy, and specially for Dayanara, they where often up all night and chatted about what was going to happen in the future.

10-25-14_11-58 AMMarcel was upgrading all our stuff around the house, I was so happy that we did not have everything breaking around here anymore.

10-23-14_10-19 AMNeil and Sydney where hitting it off pretty good to, but when i asked him if he would move in with her, he denied it very fast, his home would be here for all the time.

10-25-14_11-19 AMValetin showed another side of himself, he was quietly sitting outside and reading poesi, I did not know he was like that at all,I am so in love.

10-25-14_4-22 PMMom was meeting alot with dads ghost lately, I was very worried for her, it could not be good to be with a ghost.

10-25-14_4-35 PM-4And it was not good at all, one night mom fell to the ground shortly after she woke up, we where all sleeping upstairs, so nobody heard it, the next morning she was simply gone.

10-25-14_4-49 PM-3In the morning light I saw dads ghost return to the underworld, he had been there for mom all night, making sure she would pass to the underworld fine. May they both rest in peace.

What should I do without mom now? Our founder had left us I alone was in charge for this legacy to succeed.

Generation 2: Chapter 5

As I did hold her I realised it was worth the pain. Seeing her little toes and fingers made me fall in love with her in an instant.

10-22-14_10-54 AMWe named the little bundle of joy, Dayanara, what would Valentin now really think of having a little child. Was he ready?

10-22-14_11-10 AMMom atleast was more than ready to welcome my girl, she came walking into the room with her ‘I was right smile’ on her face. Was that a mother thing to know such stuff?

10-22-14_10-55 AM-3Valentin was in a joy, he could wait to have a party to celebrate him beign a dad.

10-22-14_11-09 AMA classy black and white party to be exact, telling everybody that he was so proud of his little baby, even though some of the guest seamed they did not believe him.

10-22-14_11-27 AM-3He even stopped the party in the middle just so he could go upstairs and take care of Dayanara, I later told him we did not have to stop everything to be there for her, but he would not listen.

10-22-14_11-01 AM-2Mom completed her aspiration with catching this little fish. By the look on her face even a stranger could tell she had enough of fishing for now. Not that she did not like fishing, she just had other things she wanted to do to.

10-22-14_11-30 AMLike completing her author career, which she also just did. After that she started programming a bit, made her feel like she was near dad again.

10-22-14_11-33 AMNeil gave up yet another career, he wanted to follow in dads footsteps and become a astronaut, but soon realised this was not him at all.

10-22-14_12-36 PMInstead he would play some music with Carter, it sounded wonderful, they had written their own song together and practiced it each day.

10-22-14_11-50 AM-2Keisha encouraged Carter about his drawings, he was really a talented young boy. I could not wait till it was my time to see what my child would be wanting to do.

10-22-14_12-56 PM-2I did not have to wait long, it was Dayanara birthday soon enough. She grew up to look a lot like me, but you could also see her father in her. She was very outgoing and social.

Was parenthood complicated? Keisha and Marcel handle it so well with Carter, where we able to do the same?

Generation 2: Chapter 4

I felt kind of alone after our fight, I did not think he would react like that. Marcel had talked with Valentin afterwards. It was not so much that we where having a child what made him chocked, it was that he had to be responsible and be in a legacy.

10-21-14_9-58 AM-2So I did paint, it was relaxing and something I could get my mind off with. I dreamt off seign the sandy shores togehter with my new baby.

10-21-14_10-42 AM Neil took over the easel each time i needed to lyi down, I think he might be trying out the Painters career right now. I wonder if he will finally settle for something.

10-21-14_10-10 AM
Marcel was again improving his handiness skill, I was so afraid he would hurt himself with that big saw.

10-21-14_9-47 AM Carter turned into a child, he has so much of both Marcel and Keisha, its amazing. Will my little wonderbundle also look like us?

10-21-14_10-07 AM-3Carter was a very creative you lad. A little bit insane like his mother, I could hear him sit and chat with himself while drawing his fantastic small pictures.

10-21-14_10-01 AM-2Marcel had learned good from our dad, and declared to Carter that school was very important.

10-21-14_10-28 AM-2I got my Valentin back, we had a big talk about his reaction. It was not so much the baby he was mad about, it was the whole beign a part of a legacy. He wanted to be a party animal, and was not sure he could be responsible enough.

10-21-14_10-47 AM-2For my career and aspiration i had to view alot of art, and no the art is not discusting, I was just having some morning sickness.

10-21-14_10-51 AM-3Mom still enjoyed her fishing, she went to alot of new places in hopes of finding some new fish, we knew there where 25 sorts in the world, and she had not seen half of them yet, she wanted to change that fact.

10-21-14_10-55 AM-3Marcel also wanted to see some of everything, in this case frogs, and so he went on the search, and collected all he could on the way.

10-22-14_10-25 AMI had painted a few paintings by now. So i hung them all up to watch them and decide which to sell and which to keep.

10-22-14_10-08 AMValentin started working on his aspiration here testing out his party moves on Sydney, she was not rather impressed, so i think there is a long way for him to go still.

10-22-14_10-39 AM-2Mother and I spent alot of time talking now, about the heirs rresponsibilities, the rules we had to live by, and how to best break it to the next generation, she was sorry how she had told me that I was now the heir.

10-22-14_10-40 AM-2I was getting bigger day by day now.  Mom loved to talk to the baby.
You are a strong girl she would say, you will continue our family.
Was mom getting a little bit senile with her age?

10-22-14_10-50 AM-3And then one morning the pain was here, i so understand why Keisha sounded like she was dying. It really hurt.

Was mom right was it a girl? Or a boy?

Generation 2: Chapter 3

Having a baby in the house was indeed a big change. Could i ask them to move out  and find there own place? Or would it be better for our legacy to keep them around? Could i even live without my brothers?

10-20-14_1-23 PM-2One thing i knew for sure though, a crying baby and all the thoughts i was having did steel my beautysleep.

10-20-14_10-14 AMMom was writing like crazy again, she said there where so many biografies she needed to complete, and her author career was also going the right way.

10-20-14_10-20 AMWhen mom did not write she spent alot of the time with little Carter, she was a proud grandmother, even though you could not see the age on her.

10-20-14_1-53 PMBut it was soon her birthday, which we did celebrate at the park again, just like mom wished for. I am wondering what she is wishing for now when she blew out the candles.

10-20-14_1-54 PM-2Her hair was grey, her body a bit more out of shape, but my mom was still looking lovely, it just showed her real age for now.

10-20-14_1-55 PMIt was also my birthday and I blew out my candles, wishing for my Valentin to be by my side.

10-20-14_2-14 PMAt that night i invited Valentin over, and asked him if he wanted to join me on a ride i my dads old rocket. We had a wonderfull night up in the sky and landed safely the next morning.

10-20-14_1-27 PM-2Marcel was on his collecting spree again, he said he nearly completed his aspiration, he just needed on more peace for a collection.

10-20-14_10-21 AMNeil started on another job, this time as a musician, i think this is his 3rd job or so, he can really not decide what he wants to do.

10-21-14_9-42 AMThe morning after i had a feeling, like there was life inside of me, i was pregnant, and ofcause i had to squell for joy, infront of my family and boyfriend.

10-21-14_9-44 AMValentin did not take it so well, he was nearly mad, he thought we had used protection, he was not ready to be a dad, we did fight for the first time and he slammed the door when he left.

What should i do now? He was my one and only, and i was having his child.