Generation 2: Chapter 2

I knew it was time to focus a little bit on myself, just once in a while get away from beign in charge of the legacy, and now that mom was her happy self again, i did not have the same pressiour on my shoulders anymore.

10-19-14_10-06 AM-2So I invited Valentin to the park and confessed my love to him. He looked a bit schocked at first, but afterwards declared me to be his one and only.

10-19-14_12-51 PMKeisha was a good girl, we where still nealy like besties, even though she turned out to be a bit insane, talking with herself while she wrote one story after the other. She did not want a real job, like mom had it, she just wanted to write.

10-19-14_3-21 PM-2Now dad was gone mom focused on helping us with the homework, she said it is very important that all would get an A both in ground school and high school.

10-19-14_7-32 PM-2Neil asked mom to bake him a cake, he did not want a birthday party again. Did he not know we needed the parties for the legacy? But we granted him his loner like wish and he grew up to a young adult.

10-19-14_12-34 PM-5Soon after we had a big party though, the wedding of Marcel and Keisha. Isnt Keisha jsut stunning in her red dress, so matching her hair? I could not stop dreaming of my own wedding.

10-20-14_9-42 AMAlso Neil was inspired by the weeding and declared his love to Sydney. But at the same time he did confess his loner lifestyle to her.

10-20-14_9-43 AMShe totally understood him, so they decided just to enjoy time togehter.

10-19-14_7-15 PM-3Sometime after the weeding Keisha had some new to share with mom.
Tamara you are going to get your first grandchild  soon.

10-19-14_6-50 PMAnd yes Keisha was growing, would i also be that big when I one day would get pregnant? Would there only be 1 baby comming out of there?

10-20-14_10-08 AM-2We would soon see, because Keisha was in labour, I am really scared of the pain now, she did scream so loudly.

10-20-14_10-10 AM
Their little baby was soon born though, as a little healthy boy. Keisha wanted to name him Carmeleon, but agreed that Marcel wanted to name him Carter.

With the third generation born, and mom still alive, we had 3 generations living under one roof, will this go well or do i soon have to take some serious decisions?


Generation 2: Chapter 1

I woke up at night still totally sleepy from the great day before. I could have sworn i heard somebody crying, a sound that was not common in my family. We had hard times, big challenges to overcome, but we where happy.

10-14-14_9-15 PM-2I looked up and saw mom crying her heart out.
He is gone where the only words she said over and over again. Dad was gone.
I cant make it anymore, you have to take over the legacy Ciara, and with those words mom did run. She needed time for herself.

10-16-14_7-36 PM-3It was a horrible long night, a long and hard night without sleep for me, the words of mom had gotten me thinking. I was in lead for the legacy, i was in charge, i had to find mom, we had things to discuss.

10-16-14_7-30 PM-4It was maybe the saddest breakfast I have ever seen. Both mom and my brothers just starred at me when I told the my plans for our future. Was I a little bit early with this? No, it was time for change.

10-17-14_9-00 PMMom took my news okay, and went to the corner of our lot where dad was now burried. She would sit there all day and just stare into the air.

10-17-14_9-47 PMThat evening the first steps of our future where complete. For the first time there was a house build on our lot. In the front is the main house, and in the back a smaller house where we will store our collections.

10-17-14_9-22 PMSame night was Marcels Young Adult birthday. He hurried out of our new kitchen to change into something more outdoorsy and then hurried out the door.

10-19-14_10-21 AM-2Out behind our house Keisha was waiting, Keisha had been one of my friends since childhood, and now she was going to join our lifes for good, because Marcel asked her to marry him, and she joyfully agreed.

10-19-14_10-23 AM-2So the two of them jumped in to test out one of the new beds.

10-17-14_9-53 PMAfter that Keisha made sure to test out the new plumbing in one of the new bathrooms.

10-19-14_10-14 AMI myself tried to handle the loss by painting in our new living room. Life felt so empty without dad beign around.

10-19-14_10-24 AMMom tried to write but only sad stories came into her mind, so she soon gave up and cried herself to sleep.

10-19-14_12-17 PMNeil tried to focus on his skills instead to keep his mind off, so he borrowed the big mirror in my new bedroom, oh my gosh i love what mirror.

10-19-14_6-46 PM-2We also had a new gym, it was a great way to get rid of some of the sad emotions, and also so that we could loose some weight after all those birthday cakes.

10-19-14_10-40 AMOne night where mom could not sleep we had a visitor, a ghostly visitor to be exact.  Dad had returned to watch over us, but not to join us. Because like he said the Pinstar foundation would not support legacys with ghost in them.

10-19-14_12-18 PMAfter that night mom was like changed again. Simply just back on track. And our family was facing happier times again.

But for how long can everything follow the plan in a legacy?

Generation 1: Chapter 9

The weekend was soon nearing, and only a few preparations needed to be done before we could enjoy abit time relaxing.

10-14-14_5-05 PMHomework had to be done by all my 3 teenager, they helped each other as much as they could, and had some fun on the side.

10-14-14_8-10 PMShaowen came home from work today, smiling over his whole face, he made it, he was now the top Space Ranger out there!

10-14-14_7-40 PMNext step for him was to complete his aspiration, and he surely did by reading a total of 3 books that night.

10-13-14_7-19 PM-2Also Marcel reached the top of his career in the Retail department. He was so tired for his daily work he did not even reach his bed when he came home.

10-14-14_8-59 PMNext morning we had a little home party to honor Shaowen, I had written his biografi which was lying behind Marcel as he perfomed his comedy rutine “Weird Science Stuff”. Ciara had painted his picture while Neil played his song “Cowboys Space Blues”.

10-14-14_5-33 PMAfterwards there was some love in the air, Shaowen and i recited love poems for each other, while the kids went to the park.

10-14-14_5-42 PM-2Niel and Sydney joked around, took pictures and had fun, she is a bit older than him so romance has to wait.

10-19-14_10-05 AM-2Ciara and Marcel evolved their BFF status to Boyfriend/Girlfriend status the moment they felt the attraction.

10-15-14_4-54 PM-2And Marcel, promised Keisha that they would be togehter forever, he had always had something for red heads.

10-15-14_5-03 PM-4At home we had the most wonderfull time togehter. Shaowen was the love of my life. I was so happy i did wait for him, instead of trying with the other guys i met first.

10-14-14_8-18 PMShaowen also wanted to show me what else you could do in the rocket, so we took a little spacetrip, just the two of us.

10-14-14_8-22 PM-4That night when we all where sleeping Shaowen suddenly did not feel so good, he woke up and seconds later he fell to the floor, his time had passed.

What was im supposed to do now, without my Shaowen?
Scoresheet on the scoring page is now btw. updated with the points collected by Shaowen.

Generation 1: Chapter 8

So another week of hard work started with a crash, not something bad but…

10-14-14_7-52 PMShaowen had to build up the rocket from scratch agian, which at the same time helped him towards his goals.

10-06-14_8-27 PM-2That evening i had a request for Marcel, we needed to work hard on the pieces for memorialising Shaowen, but also me in time.

10-02-14_6-12 PMShaowen told the most amazing stories from space,  at night we would stay up and watch the starts while he told me how he caputered those aliens with his lasso and stopped them from shooting down a planet.

10-02-14_6-34 PMMarcel started working on his comedy skill, he would figure out a way to make the coolest comedy rutine for Shaowen.

10-10-14_12-32 PMNeil was playing chess fulfilling his aspiration. The lovely young girl he is playing with is Sydney, they got a good connecting those two.

10-02-14_6-41 PM-2Ciara also got a good connection with little Brian and could count him as her 5th friend. So she was now ready to go after another dream.

10-02-14_9-57 PMI was spending more and more time writing, and less time fishing, we could really feel the time ticking now and legacy was harder than i thought.

10-10-14_12-43 PM-2Next up was Neils birthday. He had invited over a few people, and when he was trying to blow out the candles, Maylee was nearly starting a fire by making drinks, luckely nobody was hurt.

10-10-14_12-44 PMAnd Neil grew up to be a little bit melancolic. But look at this, like father, like son. Both boys resembling their daddy.

10-10-14_1-15 PMNeil grew up to want to be a renesaince sim, so when i asked him if he could compose a song for Shaowen, he went straight for the guitar.

10-13-14_7-26 PMCiara trained alot and soon enjoyed hanging out on top of the monkeybars. But now she was also ready, ready to join her brothers in the teen years.

10-14-14_3-09 PM-3So we had a little party for her. The boy behind her is Valentin, he turned teenager a few days before.

10-14-14_3-27 PMSelfassured she proclamied she wanted to be a painter when she grew up and so she started training her painting.

Everything was now ready in the making. Would we make it all in time? But most important, would Shaowen reach his goals in time?


Generation 1: Chapter 7

But a legacy is not just joy and happiness.

10-01-14_8-09 PMThe morning was speciall hard, all tired before a hard day of school and work. We needed something to eat, but also following the shedule for the single bathroom we had.

09-30-14_9-30 PM-7After school the children really enjoyed the play corner we had made for them though, played togehter all day long.

09-30-14_9-39 PM-2We still had a lot of bad luck with stuff breaking once i a while, luckely Shaowen is so handy, you can even see the finished rocket in the back.

09-30-14_9-25 PMAnd while i was at work Shaowen took his first trip with the rocket, his first of many trips.

09-30-14_9-10 PMMeanwhile Marcel and Ciara had the battle of the social butterflies. Ciara was determined to complete her aspiration before Marcel, so they both invited loads of people over.

09-30-14_9-26 PM-2Shaowen and I enjoyed our days togehter, flirting in the morning before work, it was Shaowen birthday this evening, and i had backed him a nice cake.

Generation 1
But first a family photo.

10-01-14_9-14 PM-2So when Shaowen returned home that evening I had invited some friends and set up the cake, and everybody was celebrating.

10-01-14_9-15 PMOhh man i feel old Shaowen complained when the party was over, but i have to say he was still a pretty cowboy.

10-01-14_9-57 PMThe next day we went to the park to celebrate my birthday, i had baken yet another cake which i couldnt wait to taste.

10-01-14_9-57 PM-2I did not look half bad as a full grown adult. I had my friends close and my kids playing or chatting on the playground, the perfect day.

10-01-14_10-01 PMIt was also the birthday of Marcel and he grew up to be a teenager, isnt it stunning how much he looks like his dad? And just of his dad he was also a little Foodie.

10-02-14_6-05 PMIn contrast to his younger years Marcel grew up with the wish to collect stuff, and to be a bit more alone, he was tired of competing with his little sister for friends.

10-02-14_6-09 PM-2Speaking of Ciara, she was working hard on gaining friends, here she is with Maylee, her 3rd adult friend.

10-02-14_9-47 PMAnd Neil was ready with the firework a good ending on 3 birthday parties in a row.

Only thing that could now worry me is that we need to help Shaowen complete his goals, before his time is running out.

Generation 1: Chapter 6

The family was happy now one of the requirements for the Torburden Legacy was fullfilled by having one heir.

09-29-14_8-33 PM-3Shaowen took so great care of little Ciara, it was a releave, because then i could go back to work, so we could get a bit more money.

09-22-14_5-48 PM-3Neil also adored his little sister. He kept asking when she would age up, if she would be liking to play chess with him, how she would look, and 1000 other questions,

09-22-14_6-01 PM-2Marcel was way more interested in his friends and invited as many as possible over everyday.

09-29-14_10-00 PMWe decided to use the money we got on the rocket that Shaowen dreamed of building. It was very expensive.

09-29-14_8-47 PMSo while Shaowen was building i took the boys to the library. Little whizkid Neil had found a friend in Sydney, and they played chess togehter, again and again.

09-29-14_9-01 PMAnd Marcel was gaining another friend while i finished yet another book. It was a joy to see them having fun.

09-29-14_7-20 PMWithout beign pregnant all the time, i could finally do all i wanted, both work, write and also fish again.

10-06-14_5-22 PM-3Ciara grew up to be a good girl. Social just as her brother Marcel. She has Shaowens hair colour, but else i think she looks alot like i did at her age.

09-29-14_9-10 PM-2With all 3 kids at school we finally had some alone time, but i kept feeling the urge to write and maybe also paint, I had to memoralise Shaowen before it is to late.
Shhhh shaowen just whispered to me, the Pinstar foundation where we donated the money to, have eased the rules. You can always write the book after i am gone, lets enjoy the time while we are still young.

09-30-14_6-55 PMThe kids returned home from school friday in 3 very different moods. Marcel was extremely tired, keeping up with friends and schoolstuff was hard. Neil smiled brightly because he passed yet another test. And Ciara was mad at Marcel because he stole all the attention in the school yard.

09-29-14_9-34 PMThe next day we went to the park where Ciara met up with Valentin, they where fastly getting along and played togehter all day.

09-22-14_6-22 PMMy daddy is a cowboy, a space cowboy, he told everybody, and i am the pirate Captain. And so he played with Ciara and Valentin.

09-22-14_6-25 PMMarcel had taken a book with him from home, and sat and read all day long while the rest played.

09-30-14_8-30 PM-2It did not go long before Ciara and Valentin declared they where best friends forever, and i have to admit they are really cute togehter.

09-29-14_9-37 PM-3And with another great catch i realised time was going to fast.
Rumors had it that when boys grew up they would catch a bug these days, but how could we stop time?
Would something bad happen to the men of my life?

Generation 1: Chapter 5

And it is a boy, again.

09-18-14_10-05 PM-2We decided to call him Neil, unlike his older brother he required my attention nearly all the time.

09-21-14_10-03 PM-5But only nearly, we still had to see if we could not get a heir born, so back to the drawing board, or just under the blankets.

09-22-14_4-19 PM-2Neil was crying a lot I tried to cheer him up as often as possible.

09-21-14_10-22 PM-3Meanwhile Marcel and Shaowen worked on their mental and logic skills. Shaowen was a nerd to the bone, while Marcel loved the talking more than the playing.

09-21-14_10-10 PM-2We had a lot of our stuff breaking, but luckily Shaowen could also fix that, and clean after himself. He said those pieces in the dirt where worth a lot of money, and we really needed it.

09-21-14_10-28 PM-2I did still use a lot of my time writing, working was hard and complicated. Sometimes I would dream back to the big house I fled from, the comfort we had had there was the only thing I was missing.

09-22-14_4-40 PM-2
Time was flying, and Neil grew up, he had my hair colour, but the rest of his features where a lot like his dads.

09-22-14_5-15 PMSpeaking of his dad, the boys bonded quickly, Neil was a little whiz kid, and wanted to learn as much as possible, so he asked Shaowen to read to him every night.

09-28-14_9-17 PMAnd when Shaowen went to the gym to train Neil would follow and sit down beside the treatmill, studying always as close to his dad as possible.

09-22-14_4-26 PM-3
Marcel was progressing fast with his friend, and soon he declared him and King Cahill as BFF’s. I was happy, Kings father was the first friend I had made in town.

09-22-14_5-22 PMIt was my third time going into labor and this time it lasted for hours, I kept thinking for what the gender would be.

09-22-14_5-24 PM
And this time, Ciara was born. My girl, maybe my heiress?
The question was now, could we afford to have another child? Should we build the walls for hour home finally? Or should the money be used on the rocket Shaowen was now dreaming off?