Scoring and goals

Succession Laws:
Strict Matriarchy, Strict Traditional, Living Will, Xenophobic

Extra rules to make it more complicated for myself:
1. All children must have A’s in school and highschool.
2. All achievements which could be completed within the time and generation length of the legacy challenge, need to be completed.
3. All types of memorialisation must be done for every heir (book, portrait, comedy routine, videogame, photo, song)
4. Each career started must be maxed. (Only exception Renasaince Sim, it is in their nature to switch jobs)
5. All Teen careers must also be maxed atleast one time.
6. One child shall have completed all 4 child aspirations + maxed the child skills.
7. One sim shall have maxed all skills (child + adult) in one life time.
8. Random roll all aspirations.
9. Complete all in game collections at highest possible quality + all foods/drinks.

Scoring by Pinstars official rules:

Scoring sheet
Current status  = 1 Points


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