Generation 2: Chapter 9

With all the birthdays done we could go back and focus on the family goals.

10-28-14_9-20 PM-3Mom showed up nearly each night to watch over us in our sleeps.
You could hear her whisper the same words over and over again.
“Stay focused, you can do it.”

11-04-14_7-07 PM-2And so we did, little Brendan was breezing through his childhood goals, and already reading books all by himself. They really grow up so fast.

10-27-14_9-00 PMI mastered my painting aspiration, I still do adore to paint, but a new goal would be good for a change.

10-27-14_8-49 PMKeisha also felt it was time for a change, and look at her body, being a bodybuilder would look so great on her, I might be a little jealous on that.

10-29-14_8-13 PMWe completed a collection more, one of each emotional painting.

11-03-14_9-47 PM-2I tried to tell Dayanara of the responsibilities she would have to face when she would become a adult, and thereby we started with her school work. She did not seam to care to much about it though, like something else was on her mind.

11-04-14_5-26 PMNeil worked hard on his skills, he often told that it was a hard task to become a renaissance sim.

11-04-14_5-59 PMAt night he would discuss that fact with dad, I could often hear them talk until the sun woke up in the morning.

11-03-14_10-06 PMDayanaras mind was really not on the dynasty, but more on to find the right boys. Tyler was a sweetheart, but she said there was no spark.

11-04-14_5-41 PM-2Ryce liked to flirt, but did not seam to be ready to go steady. The search could be a long one for my little girl.

10-29-14_8-23 PMCarter was a music genius. He was flying through the skills of the Violin, it was a blessing to hear him play.

11-04-14_4-55 PMValentin was a flirt. We tried to spend as much time together as possible between his many parties.

10-29-14_7-47 PM-2I was trying to rekindle some old friendships. Mortimer Goth was also a young adult now. It was so strange to see that the time had just flown past us.

11-04-14_6-21 PM-7I also took the time to befriend our great neighbours. It was so nice to get out of the house sometimes.

10-30-14_6-15 PM-2Valentin was great cook too, even though i was so scared when he was doing his knife tricks.

10-30-14_4-27 PMValentin also made a great deal out of entertaining at his own parties, he was a great comedian.

11-04-14_6-58 PMA new law had been made and we where finally allowed to build a pool in our back yard. Something we had been looking forward to for a long time.

11-04-14_7-37 PMBrendan rushed out and tried out the water. He loved to swim and spent hours in the water.

11-04-14_7-45 PMSuddenly he felt weak, and couldnt hold himself up any longer.

11-04-14_7-46 PM-3I did run, as fast as I could. But I was to late, grim was already there to collect Brendans soul

My babyboy was dead, how should I ever get over this?


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